DUI’s and SR-22:

Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Kansas and Missouri even with a DUI or SR-22:

cheap car insurance rates in kansas city with a dui, dwi, or bad record
Cheap insurance is still out there even with a DUI or bad record

The state of Kansas as well as Missouri requires all vehicle drivers to have adequate auto insurance coverage in order to protect themselves, their property and the people that might be injured during an accident. Despite some up front costs, auto insurance is in place to keep you from major financial losses and gives peace of mind for possible future expenses on car repair, car rental, medical bills and many others. Thankfully, people in Missouri can save a great deal on their auto insurance.

Despite the low insurance premiums in Kansas and Missouri, some drivers are still not carrying any of type of auto insurance policy. Driving without insurance is illegal and police officers can identify these people through routine traffic checks. Failure to present a proof of auto insurance will allow the police officer to issue a traffic ticket and suspend the auto registration as well as the driver’s license. In most instances, drivers who have a Kansas or Missouri DUI can also face major charges for such incidents.

Often they will be required to present a form called an SR-22, which is a way of reinstating the driver’s license after convicting such offense. An SR-22 can be obtained from your local auto insurance agent. This is usually requested by the policy holder in order to submit it to the local DMV. SR-22 submission is dependent on the driving penalties committed. There are instances where the DMV will require an SR-22 form every year for three years and this must be replaced by a new form if one has switched to another insurance company or has transferred to another state.

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